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Big Time is the flagship title of Big Time Studios. The game is a cooperative RPG that combines fast-action combat, the collectability of NFTs, and a history-spanning adventure. Big Time puts a lot of emphasis on playing with friends and joining other players’ parties to work together in clearing the various dungeons spread across the game’s vast universe.

All of this is done in an attempt to uncover a mysterious threat that’s tearing down the very walls of time itself. The latter statement isn’t just for show as well, and you realize that when you see Albert Einstein randomly standing next to a T-Rex dinosaur on the sea shore of Epoch City.

Big Time offers unlimited adventures, with an extremely distinctive art style, stunning visuals, and a vibrant world.


Every dungeon is procedurally generated, offering players precious NFT and non-NFT loot along their way while offering a special experience every time you boot up the game.

You can take up to 6 players with you in your party to conquer dungeons. Each one of them has various monsters lurking around it, with objectives you need to complete before facing the dungeon’s boss fight.

These objectives can vary from disarming bombs and collecting flowers to slaying certain types of enemies. Not only that, monsters in Big Time will often drop clothing and armor items inspired by different time periods, allowing you to express yourself in a way that reflects you the most and show off your fancy gear to everyone online in your lobby.

Time & SPACE

Time Machines and SPACE are another core gameplay mechanic in Big Time. Players will earn their first Time Machine in the early stages of the game, and from that point onwards, you can expand it and personalize it as you wish to reflect who you are. This isn’t all what they do though. Time Machines of certain levels will allow you to unlock unique playable features and utility.

The question here is, how do I upgrade and expand my Time Machine? Well, the limited-edition SPACE NFTs come into play. SPACE comes in five rarities; Rare, Mythic, Legendary, Epic, and Exalted. Each has three sizes; small, medium, and large.

All of which are currently available on Big Time’s open market for purchase, and each piece expands your Time Machine in correspondance to the number of plots included in each SPACE depending on its rarity and size.

Players will first have to choose a starting class. Players will not be able to change classes until they find a pocketwatch by defeating enemies. Pocketwatches allow players to switch between different classes. Pocketwatches for each class are used to save players’ progress as they level up.

Characters can be customized with clothes and armor from a variety of periods in history.

big time time warrior

Time Warrior

Time Warriors are your party’s frontline and damage sponges. They go in and sacrifice themselves to keep the rest of their squad safe. 
Their equipment, skills, and remaining attributes give them the necessary tankiness to keep going at it while enemies pile up on them.
big time shadowblade


Assassins are deadly and silent killers who can engage in the fight, eliminate the target in a single combo, and retreat without being noticed. 
This summarizes the Shadowblade class perfectly, allowing to hop in and out of the fight quickly while taking out enemies one by one without anyone noticing.
big time chronomancer


Often found sitting idle at the back while spamming left click to keep throwing magical fireballs from their Chronomancer staff at enemies. 
On a serious note, Chronomancers are masters of magic and can assist in dealing AOE damage, debuffing enemies, or slowing them down to buy your party valuable time.
big time quantum fixer

Quantum Fixer

The healer of the group. Quantum Fixers are what keeps Big Time parties from breaking down and everyone just giving up on tough dungeons. A reliable Quantum Fixer keeps his squad mates healthy and safe by a plethora of abilities designed to instantly revive downed enemies, provide continuous healing and mana regeneration, and even heal themselves in the process.

All of the above contributes to making Big Time unique. Its gameplay-first approach, unique art style, unorthodox token economy, and its stellar team. We haven’t touched on the Big Time team yet, but it is one of the main attributes driving the massive success and anticipation built around Big Time.

How to Get Started

As of the time of writing this in June 2022, the Early Access is ongoing. To take part in it, you need to redeem any of the Gold, Silver, Jade, or Ruby.

Currently, the Jade pass players can access the game, with 2–4 weeks intervals between each phase.

The Ruby phase will be the final early access round, followed by another 3–4 weeks break before everyone gets to try out the game. However, it is worth to keep in mind Big Time’s minimum recommended specs as it is a graphically demanding game.

Still wondering what the Big Time experience is like?


Enjoy our favorite livestream moments Stay tuned for more Polkastarter Gaming Big Time content.

Web3 Corner

The Big Time token, yet to be released, is planned to have a plethora of utility in-game. This includes buying ultra rare and exclusive cosmetic NFTs, speed up crafting times, and repair damaged and depleted items.

  • Chain: TBA
  • Game Currency: TBA
  • Game Platforms: Windows

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Aladdin 🕋

thx for review!


no problem


Look’s nice




It was interesting to read!


Interesting game with possibility to become big! Hope they add more interaction/use case in the world as it’s currently just a travel zone without much to do.

Sanan Rafiq

The community is absolutely solid on this one with the game gaining even more interactions and love from more people playing with their friends


Big game


i owned 1 mystic land and waiting system to use it


I gave it a 4/5 because of the time it takes to actaully find people to play with and it doesn’t work very well solo.

Think it has a lot of promise.

Loving the reviews.


You are revolutionizing the gaming industry!!!! And we will help you with this. Reward the community and we will thank you))))


Big Time look so good, I love the graphic and environments.

Sanan Rafiq

The game is an absolute blast! It was fun playing time warrior through the early access in the jade pass and now switching over to ruby pass going with Shadow Blade has been extremely enjoyable. The movement mechanics, enemy ai, and visual graphics have been improved and it’s no wonder it got number 1 on that amazing youtube video for the Top 10 blockchain games!

Cannot wait to see more of what the studio brings to the consumer in the upcoming months, so far they have delivered a wonderful playing experience.


Love the game can’t wait even the beta to play it




Bigtime is BIG TIME one of the coolest RPG games of web3 space today considering this is still on it’s early stages, really a fun game to play with friends, guild fam closing the gap of web2 and web3 games , ❤️ 🙈


When the first time i look the gameplay of this game my expectation “Finally this game feels like MMORPG games i play 10 years ago”. The game looks nice and good. Hope Big Time will work more hard to make this game will sustain for a years. Cannot wait to try this game. 👍🏽👍🏽


in a official account now hahaha but still love the game and a lot of expectation for this title




The game is really amazing for real, but it promotes a centralized model with the requirement (verification) of your ” address” and other personal details. Because of that and because i have seen how things end-up from 2015 with centralized projects try hopping into blockchain with semi-centralize patterns, i will not support Big Time even if the game is amazing until i see the full tokenomic model they present to the players and how decentralized it is, in the end they will tax kids playing Candy Crash on blockchain and i don’t want that.


Thank you for the detailed review It was helpful


Great ,game from the dream ,i hope to get ruby pass to play 😭❤️


I like this community for the great atmosphere created by the people who are part of it. And for the entertainment the content creators on the twitch platform provide us with. Keep doing it and don’t change unless it’s for the better


Awesome game


Love it! Sooo much fun!!


Game just looks fun especially for a huge mmorpg fan.


Yes ser

interesting to read

Bigtime has a great future ahead! Loving the graphics and Shadowblades are the best!

Monu Rohila

One of the best gaming community… Really love the graphics and ui. Thank you team 😃😊😃😊


thx !!


I think they should have several long-term strategies, and that it is really interesting to dedicate many hours of play, that would give success and more inputs.


this game is awesome, you can get the NFT by kill the enemies!!


good reveiw


Love this game, cant wait to play it myself


Game looks promising. Definitely interested in playing this one and sinking time into it. It would be great to see some more utility with the NFTs and maybe type of token use in game.


This game looks like its gonna be real fun, and can’t wait to get in and play!

Diamond Hands

love the project

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