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Available on: Windows

Big Time is the flagship title of Big Time Studios. The game is a cooperative RPG that combines fast-action combat, the collectability of NFTs, and a history-spanning adventure. Big Time puts a lot of emphasis on playing with friends and joining other players’ parties to work together in clearing the various dungeons spread across the game’s vast universe.

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How to get started with Big Time?

  • Go to either the Big Time NFT Marketplace or Binance NFT
  • Acquire any of the Gold, Silver, Jade, or Ruby passes
  • Create an account on the Big Time platform
  • Redeem your purchased pass
  • Download the client and login to the same account with the redeemed pass

At the time of writing, the Jade pass players can access the game, with 2–4 weeks intervals between each phase.

The Ruby phase will be the final early access round, followed by another 3–4 weeks break before everyone gets to try out the game. However, it is worth to keep in mind Big Time’s minimum recommended specs as it is a graphically demanding game.

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