Enjin Now Supports the Unreal Engine SDK

A major pain point for all web3 game developers is trying to integrate blockchain and NFT elements into their game, which sometimes takes a lot more time and resources than they expected. Enjin has been incredibly helpful with their SDK integration, supporting Java, C#, C++, Unity, and finally, Unreal Engine. The latter was announced earlier today following warranted demand from all Enjin users.

Enjin explained the support for Unreal Engine was more than needed considering the recent spike in game developers adopting the engine’s technology. Unreal Engine has been offering more features, a fleshed-out marketplace and better performance for large-scale projects in general. Starting now, Unreal Engine developers can easily access the Enjin API through the official SDK.

The following list goes through what web3 game developers can do with the SDK in its current state, with more updates promised to roll out in the near future.

  • Create a Client, which will handle all the queries and mutations performed by you from the game into the SDK, which will interact with the Enjin Platform.
  • Manage Players, which allows you to create player credentials for users joining your game as a way for them to link their wallets to your game/project.
  • Manage Blockchain Assets, which allows you to create, mint, send and melt assets as requests in the platform.
  • Setting up event services, which couldn’t be done on other already existing SDKs, and permits you to register events directly on the cloud platform.

This is a massive step in easing the process for traditional game developers to integrate blockchain elements into their games without having to research all the technology and getting scared of all the present barriers. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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Hope that make this industry grow. 🙂

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