DeRace Add Custom Tournaments for Hippodrome Owners

DeRace just recently celebrated their 1-year anniversary, and it didn’t take them long to get back to work and start adding new features to the game. DeRace hippodrome owners will get the luxury of setting up their own races and competitions for other players to participate in. The latest dev blog showcases how custom tournaments will play out, and how much parameters you can actually change while setting them up.

Tournaments can vary in almost anything from hippodrome owner to another. Some of them will be one-off single race tournaments while others can be a multi-day multi-track Grand Prix style tournament with sponsors and all that jazz. The following list gives you a better idea of what is available to customize in each tournament:

  • Number of NFT horses participating
  • Prize pool
  • Entry fees
  • Track length/surface
  • Horse requirements
  • Whether it’s open for all horses or invite only

These are not all since the in-game menu shown below shows you other elemenets that can be played around with as well while creating your tournament.

Derace tournaments structure

In the future, there will be more customization options in terms of the eligible horses to enter tournaments. This can be dependent on a point system, your best average times across normal races, and even highest earners for a high-stake race. Eventually you will even be able to add DeRace NFTs as part of the prize pool instead of $DERC.

Are you excited to start setting up custom races within your DeRace hippodrome? What is the wildest tournament you plan on setting up? Let us know your thoughts on the new feature and make sure to share any DeRace tournaments you do in the comments section down below.

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