ChainBoost Reveals ChainBunnies; A Horror Survival Game

ChainBoost revealed ChainBunnies, their upcoming RPG survival title and those bunnies look frightening to say the least. In a very Five Night’s at Freddy’s style, ChainBunnies is the result of unnatural experimentation that went south. Instead of living in a happy safe society, the repercussions of the failed experiments resulted in enhancing bad attitude among ChainBunnies, and eventually turning them into Zombunnies. With no set release date yet, the first playable build is scheduled to go live prior to October.

Players will be tasked with defeating hordes of Zombunnies using their ChainBunnies NFT characters, which were sold previously and required to get access to the game as well. Enemies will get stronger over time and resources are scarce so make sure to get good use of every weapon, ammo box, and any other defense tool you can get your bunny hands on.

The Zombunnies event is scheduled to take place in October, which will allow ChainBunnies’ holders to evolve their NFTs. However, as mentioned before, the demo is said to take place prior to that, and the team teased something is in the works with Cryptoverse. The latter just announced their own Cryptoverse Experiences platform, where developers can share games and full experiences.

The following is the core game features revealed for now:

  • FPS Survival Mode game, ChainBunnies Vs. Zombunnies!
  • ChainBunnies NFT required for access
  • Single player with multiplayer mode to be implemented in a future update
  • Evolving gameplay to upgrade your arsenal and abilities
  • 100 levels of relentless attack & high-octane gaming experiences

We still don’t know much about ChainBunnies but we would love to know what you think about the game’s trailer as a first impression in the comments section down below.

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