Blockchain Monster Hunt Celebrate 6 Month Anniversary

Blockchain Monster Hunt opened its doors to players worldwide six months ago, and the team recapped their achievements so far. The game describes itself as the world’s first multi-chain NFT title, and it indeed is. Players get to capture monsters living on the 6 different chains the game currently supports.

Across the past six months, the game managed to achieve the following numbers:

  • 109,185 players worldwide
  • 8,658,285 PvEs fought
  • 18,000+ NFTs traded
  • 25,000+ monsters staked

These numbers are no easy feat, considering the level of detail and commitment into delivering an enjoyable experience from the development team. It takes a lot of effort to climb the leaderboard as well so if you want to jump into Blockchain Monster Hunt but don’t know where to start, you can enjoy our full review of the title dissecting its gameplay features and how to get started.

The roadmap already features a number of expected features and new content to be poured into Blockchain Monster Hunt for players to dive into. This includes Multiverse land NFTs for players to own, Multiverse Castles and Gyms as homage to Pokémon’s Gym structure, Amrbos Universe, and setting up the DAO Portal for players to have influence and voting power on the future direction of the project.

What is your favorite monster in Blockchain Monster Hunt? What are you most excited about in Blockchain Monster Hunt’s future development roadmap? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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