Axie Origin Season 0: Phase 3 Goes Live; Adds SLP Ranked Rewards

Axie Infinity received its Axie Origin upgrade a few months ago, and it received an overall positive reception from the community for its core gameplay changes and more interactive experience. Axie Origin Season 0: Phase 3 is now live, and it brings with it tons of changes and new features for passionate Axie players to enjoy.

The most significant additions to Axie Origins with the new update include adding SLP rewards to ranked mode and completely removing it from the Classic game, adding NFT Runes and Charms, alongside significant balance changes to crafting, disenchanting, and other gameplay mechanics.

A major complain from the core Axie community was how unsustainable SLP production, which is why this time around the studio is super careful on how everything will play out. The transition from the Classic version allows for a relatively fresh trial at balancing the SLP economy. That’s why the team made it clear everything will be subject to change, and SLP this time around is used more throughout the entire game, specifically in the newly added Charms and Runes.

“One major benefit of transitioning to Origin from Classic is expanded abilities to balance the SLP economy. Thus, the design of the SLP rewards system with Origin is being tuned in a way to align with that goal. Of course a major difference in Origin will be that SLP is required to craft various Charms and Runes. 

However, no SLP will be allowed to be minted during Season 0 (30 days) as we monitor the system. If any bugs, abuse, or exploits are found in SLP emissions, players may have SLP taken away before it can be minted.”

Runes and Charms will be minted using a mixture of SLP and AXS. However, the AXS portion of the mint is pegged at $3 USD of AXS per Rune/Charm, so no matter the price, you will only need to pay the equivalent of $3 at the time. The slight difference between Sealed and Ronin charms is the latter is minted on-chain and can be traded, while the former still require Moonshards to craft with no SLP involvement.

What do you think of the new Axie Origin Season 0: Phase 3 update? What other changes would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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